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Hasaki-Keissi's Chaos Head Tv Review

Chaos Head

Rated: 10

As you can tell, I love the way they told this story. If they had a 20 in this section, I would give it. Now, I will tell my reasons.

You already know that this was a great thriller, as it keeps one guessing right up until the end. And your interpretations of the characters change on a pretty constant basis as the story progresses. Here's an example: I first hated Takumi, but at the end of the series, one could only feel jealous of the ------- with a certifiable harem of great women and the powers of a god. Perhaps this is all a little exagerated, but I think my point was made rather readily with that.

Thriller anime are either great or they suck. This was one of the great ones that came with a few bonuses, including some pretty good backstory and backworkings within the story.

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Hasaki-Keissi's Myself; Yourself Tv Review

Myself; Yourself

Rated: 9

The presentation was dynamite! I don't normally use terms like that to describe shows, or things in general, but this one really deserves it. I mean, it starts off with a nice and humble beginning. It progresses normally, and then out of right field here comes this atomic powered slap to the face when Sana majorly messes up (in terms of his relationship with Nanaka). And it ends with that, making you want more and more.

It has a nice and steady progression that stays pretty much into character of everyone involved. And, like Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru, Myself;Yourself manages to develop almost every character. Yes, that's right, you see that long list of characters up top, they manage to develop all of them.

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Hasaki-Keissi's School Days Tv Review

School Days

Rated: 8

As I seem to keep reiterating, the presentation was exquisite. (Not perfect, but exquisite.)

They (The Production staff) decided to, for the bulk of the show, turn the main character into an inconsiderate, ---hole with a sex drive that is just way too powerful. (I'm a guy, and I say that's not healthy, but I understand why they did that. And I will admit that I was almost yelling every time he did something that led him to his ultimate fate.) I think, that the unrealistic side of his actions and desires really was the only down part of this show. But then again, we can't have an epiphany, if he doesn't do that, so we must have him walk down the dark side.

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Hasaki-Keissi's Ginban Kaleidoscope Tv Review

Ginban Kaleidoscope

Rated: 8

This anime really gives me a reason to laugh at a mountain of tomatoes. So there are obvious health benefits if you live in an area where you can get tomatoes year round. You'll understand once you see it. There are tomatoes in every episode, usually by the bushel, from episode 2 onward. I hear that in the manga they really went all out in the epilogue with a tomato in EVERY third frame of the Epilogue. So they are major element of the story.

A truly enjoyable series that really makes one think, "Yeah, if I put forth my best effort I can get anywhere." Of course, that really is dependent on your personality and life style. (Okay, enough sounding like a Prescription Drug commercial...And I know you're all dying to get this over with.

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Hasaki-Keissi's Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru Tv Review

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru

Rated: 9

I thoroughly enjoyed this anime. A very rare occurrence for me.

They did everything to a level that made sense for the character development. (Oh man, this section is becoming hard to fill up.)

If one missed the phrase "deader than a door knob" seems to suffice really well.

Okay, on to the final verdict. It gets an 8 in this category.

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Hasaki-Keissi's The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi Tv Review

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi

Rated: 8

This anime...well, although in some parts funny, it couldn't keep the laugh coming. So, I have to say that although I could feel it trying to be funny, it did not perform. Unfortunately, this good show has to be given a 4 for its humor.

Although, on the the whole, it was enjoyable...the "Novel" feel really made it hard to watch. It's on thing to actually read a novel, but another to sit there and WATCH it. I have to say that I give it a 6 for enjoyability.

If you actually managed to make it through the first few episodes, you might have actually gotten to the concept, whih is rather bluntly stated by not one or two of the characters, but THREE of them! Talk about wanting to drive that one home! So for a clear concept, I will factor a small modifier to my final calculation.

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Hasaki-Keissi's Karin Tv Review


Rated: 7

Humor was definitely a disease that was let run through out this anime series. (At least for me, this seemed so.) For this, they get +4 for this aspect.

The anime was enjoyable, for the most part. +3 for this.

Okay, now for the "bad" stuff.

The constant use of " Embarassing" got fricking annoying after a while, even if it was cute for the first few episodes. So (Cute factor +3) (Nuissance factor -4)

And what's worse, is that I found that the story was naturally leading towards a different ending than the one they choose to give. (Ending Factor -2)

Adding up these numbers, I believe that I get a plain 4 as my result. And that is what I will give this show for it's presentation.

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Hasaki-Keissi's The Third Tv Review

The Third

Rated: 8

My impressions will be stated first. I personally thought this was an enjoyable series to watch and would encourage anyone who likes an odd romance or sci fi to take a look at it. It may not the best in the world, I can already guarantee that. But it will be worth the view.

This show's real strong point isn't its humor, and that is really evident. The concept however, is a very nice one that is well placed into the story (And for the sake of those that haven't seen this, I will not say it. Because I hate people who spoil story lines, so I won't spoil it for you.)

Presentation as an overall, "The Third: The Girl with the Azure/Blue Eye" can be considered a well planned and produced series.

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Hasaki-Keissi's Erementar Gerad Tv Review

Erementar Gerad

Rated: 10

The presentation, a very smooth transition from aspects of the story, but also changes pace to fit the "mood of the moment." Which, is also a very nice touch.

The whole of the anime, is presented rather well. Leaving all the pieces in front of the viewer and allowing the reader to slowly piece together what will likely happen next. It's almost like a good mystery story, in it's use of that device.

Though the anime seems like a typical anime in the fact that it seems to have time skips, as I call them. It never really skips that much time. Taking place in the span of a few weeks (In the prospective of the characters.), a nice touch that really helped me.

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